About AnthroHealth
About AnthroHealth
About AnthroHealth

AnthroHealth is an extended and integrative approach to health which is based on conventional medicine.

It is not an ‘alternative medicine’.

About AnthroHealth

AnthroHealth is well established on the continent where it is available in hospitals and specialised clinics as well as in general practice.

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The AnthroHealth approach engages patients as active partners in their health.

It takes into account the physical, mental, emotional and personal factors that contribute to wellbeing.

AnthroHealth Aims

AnthroHealth aims to help patients find new ways to:


Starting with a conventional diagnosis, AnthroHealth brings additional diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives to help the patient deal with illness.
Resilience – the ability to bounce back from negative impacts – is seen as key to establishing physical, emotional and psychological health.
Our approach is wellness orientated. We work with patients to empower them to take charge of their own health.

AnthroHealth Therapeutic Options

The AnthroHealth approach places the individual at the centre. Our multidisciplinary AnthroHealth team work with patients to create individualised therapeutic programmes using:

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Based on natural substances [plant, mineral, metal and animal] these are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards. They are available for external applications, internal use and injections.

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External applications

Provided by our AnthroHealth nurse, these include localised massage, compresses, therapeutic baths and inhalations. Patients are also taught how to use these at home.

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Our doctors have access to a range of therapies such as eurythmy (a type of movement therapy), rhythmical massage, therapeutic speech, counselling, play therapy.

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Lifestyle Advice

Nutrition, exercise and stress management encourage patients’ active participation in their own healing process and ongoing wellbeing.