Co-op Members can choose CWT

We are delighted to announce that the staff in the Peterculter Co-op, Aberdeen have chosen Camphill Wellbeing Trust as one of their beneficiary charities, thank you Co-op! So far £792 has been raised by Co-op members, which will be used to enhance the lighting for our Art in the Waiting Room exhibitions.


If you are a member of Co-op, we would be very grateful if you could choose Camphill Wellbeing Trust as your charity (you can do this online). You do not need to be in the local area to be able to choose to support CWT, just search for charities by our postcode: AB15 9EP.

For those of you who wish to become members, please visit and choose us as your charity!


When you buy selected products and services from Co-op Group businesses, including food stores and funeral homes, Co-op donates 1% of what you spend to your chosen charity and puts 5% into your Co-op account for you to spend.


Please share this news with your family and friends.