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Sanli-Urfa, The Old Silk Road, SE Anatolia Patricia Reith

‘Sanli-Urfa, The Old Silk Road, SE Anatolia’ – Patricia Reith

art in the waiting room

The waiting room of Camphill Medical Practice provides a light, airy art gallery space where we promote the work of local artists while offering patients an ever-changing view!

Working with local artists we deliver an exciting art programme. The charity hosts an open night for each exhibition: an opportunity to meet the artist over a glass of wine or soft drink and enjoy the new work on display. Each exhibition runs for 6 weeks with a percentage of all sales going directly to support CWT and its various activities.

The open nights have been a great success with the range of art bringing a variety of people to the gallery space, promoting both the artist’s work and the work of CWT. The Art in the Waiting Room project has introduced a unique way for people to support the work we do.

Art in Waiting room

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Current Exhibitions

“Join us for a exciting open night featuring work from artists who have exhibited as part of the Art in the Waiting Room programme over the last two years! With a mini-market featuring smaller gifts and works from a selection of the artists, this event also gives you the opportunity to meet the artists involved and enjoy a special viewing of our new exhibition with first choice of the works available to purchase. Complimentary festive refreshments provided! 25% of exhibition sales go directly to support CWT and its various projects. ”

Open Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Our exciting art programme extends until 2020 with an open night for each new exhibition.

If you are an artist and would be interested in displaying your work as part of our project, please get in touch

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Past Exhibitions

Jane McMillan

Katarina Chomova

James Mair CD: £10

Lucy Brydon

Iain Glennie

Volker Gebhard

Jenny Watt-Colbeck

Christmas cards: £4.50

Katie Hammond

Tinneke Wintour

Christmas Exhibition

Catherine Redgate

Lorraine Gahagan

Kathleen Cowie

Sara Gallie

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Mandy Henderson

Jill Mackenzie

Kate Steenhauer

Kate Steenhauer

Art Card 14: £2.00

Art Card 13: £2.00

Art Card 12: £2.00

Art Card 11: £2.00

Helen Forrest

Nicola Bonner

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Pack 4 Postcards: £1.00

Art Book: £15.00

Research Book: £50.00

Mistletoe Book: £2.00

Postcard 9: 30p

Postcard 8: 30p

Postcard 7: 30p

Postcard 6: 30p

Postcard 5: 30p

Postcard 4: 30p

Pack of 4: £6.00

Postcard 3: 30p

Postcard 2: 30p

Wrist Bands: £1.00

Art Card 10: £2.00

Art Card 8: £2.00

Art Card 7: £2.00

Art Card 6: £2.00

Art Card 5: £2.00

Alison Milne

Frances Crawford

John Paul Raine

Helen Forrest

Gladys Williams

Charley Sim

Sheila Pettitt CD £10.00

Postcard 1: 30p

Art Card 4: £2.00

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Art Card 3: £2.00

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Art Card 2: £2.00

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Art Card 1: £2.00

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Patricia Reith

Karin Werner

Doreen Bothwell

Rebecca Patterson

Fiona Taylor

Marga Schnell

Marjory Wards

Jacky Niven

Diana Dellanzo

WFergus & JLivingstone

Isaac Jackson

Gwen Black

Catherine Redgate

Lisa Brundrett

Catherine Ellison

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