Camphill Fish is the result of collaboration between Camphill Wellbeing Trust (CWT), and Aberdeen fish merchant J Charles, bringing top quality sustainable fish to the local community.

The Camphill name has a long association with the north east and with sustainable practices in its communities. Camphill Fish will benefit those who wish to eat fresh fish whilst also benefiting Camphill Wellbeing Trust.

With 10% of sales going to CWT, the money raised will help patients accessing its therapeutic services, many of whom have learning disabilities, chronic conditions or cancer.


“Fish contains nutrients that can contribute to a healthy diet,” explains Dr Stefan Geider, CWT Clinical Lead.
“Camphill Fish helps promote sustainable Scottish fishing and healthy eating whilst raising money for Camphill Wellbeing Trust.”


J Charles promotes all Scottish caught fish species as being utilisable and hopes Camphill Fish will help raise awareness of this issue in Aberdeen
communities. Mr Charles points out: “In order for Scotland’s sustainable fishery to thrive, it is vital that all species caught are valued and utilised.
Doing so will:

  • avoid top quality Scottish fish being dumped back in the sea
  • avoid unnecessary fishing effort and waste
  • realise the maximum value of the catch for Scottish fishermen.

Customers who eat Camphill Fish can be confident their fish comes from a rich, healthy fishery and that they are contributing to its sustainability.”
Find out more about sustainable fishing:

A currently limited but expanding range of Camphill Fish is stocked by the local Newton Dee Store in Bieldside.
Enjoy salmon, smoked salmon, lemon sole, haddock, smoked haddock and cod – and support a local charity too.


Newton Dee Store Open Hours:

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