RGU students learn about our approach

Camphill Wellbeing Trust delivered an education session this year for students of Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

The group of pharmacy students met with Dr Stefan Geider, CWT Clinical Lead, this January to learn about the integrative approach to health and its potential implications
for them as pharmacists.

With an emphasis on the importance of patient-centered care, he explained how anthromedicines can offer support for a range of minor and self-limiting conditions.

One consequence of this approach can be a reduction in the use of antibiotics.
The group also learned about the use of mistletoe therapy for cancer care.


The students shared their thoughts on the afternoon:

It was the highlight of my week and the elective will stick with me for a long time.


Thank you for your lecture on anthroposophical medicine, it was an eye opener and that, along with the Camphill ethos, has definitely started changing my views on how patients are currently treated. I will definitely be doing some more reading into this approach.