New AnthroMedicine course piloted

Twelve invited medical and nursing professionals participated in the pilot module of a new Applied AnthroMedicine Training course run by Camphill Wellbeing Trust [CWT] in early December 2016.

Over two days attendees learned about constitutional types, their characteristics in health and illness and how this can be used to tailor individualised treatment programmes for best effect. With the winter approaching common infections were also explored, particularly where these might be treated without antibiotics.

Supportive self-help measures for patients and carers, such as a lemon compress for sore throats, rosemary footbaths for poor circulation and rose oil cloths for anxiety were demonstrated and experienced! The mix of principles and practical application was appreciated, and participants left enthusiastic to apply their learning in their own practice and workplace.


 “Meeting like-minded people, principles and how to relate to my own practice
and initial medicines allowed me to start straight away.”

“Very relevant and sensible approach to health.”


CWT aims to continue the course with further modules over 2017.
If you are a medical student, doctor or nurse and are interested in attended future modules, please contact us.