Our Services

We offer our AnthroHealth services through outpatient clinics. Residential programmes are also available for those living at a distance.

At our clinics, we aim to create an environment in which patients feel valued and respected. Encouraging patient engagement is key to the AnthroHealth approach.

Our AnthroHealth services are delivered through:

where our doctors work with patients to understand their concerns and create individualised therapeutic programmes.

where our nurse has time to provide:

  • external applications
  • injections
  • advice

Patients are also taught how to continue treatment at home.



where patients are actively engaged in one-to-one sessions with CWT or Associate Therapists.

therapeutic services
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Learning Disabilities

The team has over 20 years’ experience working with children, young people and adults with learning disabilities & additional support needs

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Young People's Health

Our AnthroHealth approach with children and young people focuses on maintaining health and building resilience

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Chronic Conditions

Our trained AnthroHealth team provide therapeutic options for
a range of chronic conditions

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Mistletoe Therapy

Providing information about mistletoe therapy, promoting research into the therapy and fundraising to support its development

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Residential Programmes

We offer AnthroHealth residential therapeutic packages at our centre in the beautiful Dee Valley, 5 miles west of central Aberdeen

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Our costs

We aim to offer equality of access to our AnthroHealth Services

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