Shining the spotlight on our volunteers

Meet the stars of the Blue Door Charity Shop…

The Blue Door Charity Shop is a main fundraiser for Camphill Wellbeing Trust. Located on North Deeside Road, Bieldside, Aberdeen, the shop carries an extensive stock of donated items attracting a wide range of local customers.

The shop relies on its wonderful volunteers to keep it looking new and exciting for customers. While everyone has their role to play, one of the volunteers, Joyce Sykes (pictured right) uses her skills at window dressing to capture customers’ attention before they even step through the door!

Her themed windows, created around the season, a local/national event or interesting item from the shop are stunning and frequently commented upon. Joyce has a knack of using the unusual or quirky, and tying it together in an eye-catching way.  “We receive some weird and wonderful donations and I enjoy the challenge of displaying these to their best advantage.” shares Joyce who has been involved in the Blue Door for over 7 years.

“Window dressing can be quite physical, removing or adding stock, but it gives me great satisfaction when my efforts have added that extra bit of revenue for the charity,”  explains Joyce, who often stays late to finish a window.  “I wanted to offer my time to the Blue Door rather than the other ‘franchise-style’ charities around…it seemed right to me to support a charity which benefits the local community.” explains Joyce.

The shop is currently on the hunt for a child mannequin to enable children’s wear to be more successfully promoted in Joyce’s window displays.

“If there is anyone out there who owns one, and it is just gathering dust, I would love to put it to good use!”


Another volunteer, Kathleen Skea (pictured right), noticed an opportunity for her to help and increase the income for the charity. When a bag of tangled and broken jewellery was destined for recycling, “I could fix that!” exclaimed Kathleen.

Starting with mending a broken clasp, Kathleen went on to revitalise blackened silver, re-string necklaces and even create brand new earrings from unsaleable, salvaged jewellery.

“I love finding a little gem among a bag of bits. The thrill you get when a re-purposed piece of jewellery you’ve made sells quickly is wonderful!”  exclaims Kathleen. Her most memorable sale involved  the upcycling of an unsellable beaded head scarf from which she fashioned over 6 new pieces of jewellery, including a necklace which sold for £12.00 as soon as it had been placed in the window!


A volunteer of over 15 years, Kathleen’s interest in jewellery refurbishment has extended her volunteering role and increased the fundraising possibilities for the shop. Alongside recycling, she enjoys making friends whilst doing something worthwhile; “It is nice to see customers leaving with big smiles and full bags!”


Join the volunteering team

If you are of secondary school age or above and are interested in supporting the shop through the rewarding activity of volunteering, please get in touch!