Research and evaluation of outcomes are important to us at Camphill Wellbeing Trust. The AnthroHealth approach has been investigated in more than 400 studies over the last 30 years. We have also been involved in our own research and publications.

To help you find out more, we have selected some of the more recent and relevant studies.

General AnthroHealth

AnthroHealth: an integrative-integrated therapeutic approach in primary care
Anthroposophic Medicine. An Integrative Medical System Originating in Europe
Anthroposophic Medicine: effectiveness, utility, costs, safety
A Model of Integrated Primary Care: Anthroposophic Medicine

Learning Disabilities

Camphill Research Network
Sensing The Extraordinary Within The Ordinary

Young People’s Health

Antibiotic Use in Children with Acute Respiratory or Ear Infections
Allergic disease and sensitization in Steiner school children

Chronic Conditions

Eurythmy Therapy in Anxiety
Course of life satisfaction in patients with depressive and addictive disorders after therapeutic intervention

Mistletoe Therapy

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