chronic conditions

Offering new ways forward

Our trained AnthroHealth team offer therapeutic options for a range of chronic conditions, including:

  • allergies, including hay fever
  • ME
  • fibromyalgia
  • chronic pain / fatigue
  • stress / anxiety

The AnthroHealth approach can be particularly helpful where conventional medical treatments are limited or have plateaued. Starting with where the patient is right now, the AnthroHealth approach explores with the patient, additional possibilities for new ways forward.

The AnthroHealth approach combines appropriate conventional and anthrohealth interventions while encouraging the patient’s own capacity for change and healing.  This will involve:

in-depth patient questionnaire
in-depth doctor consultations
nurse led clinics

Our Approach

“We first listen to the patient to understand their condition and how it affects their life.

Dr Stefan Geider

Dr Stefan Geider

Only then can we discuss together a therapeutic programme to help address the condition and also to support the patient’s future health and wellbeing.”

Our approach to chronic conditions is always to keep the focus where it should be – on the individual and on his / her capacity to change and develop health and wellbeing.

"Due to my AnthroHealth treatment, I have been able to stop my steroid and antihistamines and I am now able to enjoy my horse riding free of my allergic rhinitis"
- CWT Patient
<span data-recalc-dims="1"> , CWT Patient</span>
"Each visit with a CWT doctor has been a genuinely person-centred visit. I felt the doctor listened and heard me. The fact that his prescriptions did address my chronic condition is almost inconsequential to the fact that he made me feel valued and worthy of his time. I felt he was more than a doctor, he was a healer"
- Sha'Yo Lai , CWT Patient
Further Reading

The AnthroHealth approach to chronic conditions has been well documented. Our research section offers a one-step resource for further information.

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Our one or two week residential programmes may be able to help. Contact us for further information.

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